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The exotic taste of Caucasian cuisine is world-famous. It is one of the world’s oldest cuisines, which offers more than 2000 dishes, it is rich on many spices and unique herbs used for cooking. Imagine yourselves, that soon you will have restaurant in Český Krumlov, where you can taste many Caucasian cuisine dishes!

Český Krumlov and the Caucasian cuisine

That it is impossible to taste this cuisine in the Czech Republic? The opposite is true. The restaurant Leyla in Český Krumlov offers Caucasian delicacies such as kebabs, shashliks and different Azerbaijani and Caucasian meals, namely dolmas, prepared from wine leaves, cabbage or vegetables, filled with minced beef and rice. All food is prepared from high-quality raw materials. The restaurant honors many Azerbaijani cooking traditions, so you can be assured, that the food will be a true gastronomic experience. The whole atmosphere is created by an open barbecue grill – the mangal, where dishes are prepared right in front of customers. The restaurant also has separate parlors, where you can organize a birthday party, a small meeting or any other event whatsoever.

Český Krumlov and its surroundings

After an unusual gastronomic experience, you can embark on the beautiful ancient surroundings of Český Krumlov. The restaurant is located in the very heart of this city, just near the castle and a small river. Whether you come here in day or night, you will enjoy a neat and calm atmosphere of Krumlov’s castle. In addition to the various cultural programmes, such as theatre on the rotating auditorium, which is one of the Cesky Krumlov’s most famous and functioning attractions, you may enjoy several museums or even a music festival, which are often happening in this city. In case you have a great program here in Český Krumlov, feel free to come to us for a refreshment – restaurant Leyla Český Krumlov shall always welcome you!

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